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*How does your service work?
*How much does your service cost?
*How do you get your listings?
*How do I become a client?
*When do I receive new listings?
*How do I change my preferences?
*How do I get information on a listing in the sample section?
*What rental rates should I expect?
*Can I get a refund?

How does your service work?

Rent in Denver is the best way to find just the right place for you to live in Denver Metro Area. You obtain listings from our comprehensive database of apartments, duplexes, condos, townhouses, rooms and Denver house rentals all based upon your unique preferences.

  • You provide the preferences for your next home
  • You will receive detailed descriptions that match your preferences
  • You receive new listings that match your preferences as frequently as you desire

You can change your preferences at any time by using your online personal account, or by calling our 24 hour client message line, or by sending an email request.

How much does your service cost?

Many of our clients find suitable housing in the first week or two, although the fee provides for unlimited referrals for 1 month from the date of registration.

    $10.00 for either Rentals or Rooms

How do you get your listings?

We provide listings free of charge to our landlords. Many of our landlords list with Rent in Denver exclusively based upon our successful track record of filling their vacancies with excellent tenants as quickly as possible.

Landlords listing with us agree to confirm weekly that their listing is still current and available, and also acknowledge their responsibility to comply with the Fair Housing Act. By default listings are kept on the site up to 3 months unless the landlord lets us know it was rented.

How do I become a client?

1. Complete the on-line registration provided on this site

When do I receive new listings?

You can receive new listings as often as you request them. You can update your search by accessing your personal account online. Online clients receive automatic emails as new listings are received. We can send you daily updates automatically if you desire. We will send you your updated search in the manner you request (email, fax or mail).

How do I change my preferences?

You can change your preferences as often as you like. You can change them by entering new search choices on your personal account online.

How do I get information on a listing in the sample section?

If a listing in the preview section does not appear on your updated search, email our office.

What rental rates should I expect?

Rental rates can vary widely depending on the location, size and type of housing. Rental rates are also subject to variations in the general economic climate. From time to time, we will publish the average rates of our listings or the Denver Metro Area for your review.

Can I get a refund?

You can receive a full refund for the rental referral service if you have not received 3 listings that meet the preferences you submitted for type of structure, location, number of bedrooms, and maximum rent within 5 days of your registration.



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